MINT First Production Benchmade 610 Rukus Package


I'm selling this mint Benchmade 610 Rukus out of my personal collection.  This knife is in literally perfect condition, it looks like it came off Benchmade's production line yesterday.  This is a real blast from the past, back from the glory days of Benchmade.  This first production satin plain edge 610 still features Neil's old Gargoyle logo, which looks super cool and is becoming extremely rare and sought after these days.  Also included with the knife are two extra pairs of factory scales - you get all of the originals that are so hard to find these days - that's one set of green canvas micarta, one set of bone linen micarta and one set of silver twill texallium.  Finding a mint condition 610 Rukus is hard, finding one that's FP marked is even harder, finding one in this condition that's FP marked with all of the scale variations they offered in 2003 is next to impossible.  This is an awesome opportunity for an investment grade Benchmade.  

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