Moon Mk11W Prototype 2


The Mk11 is a pretty exciting introduction for Moon Knives, being the first full size framelock I've had in my lineup since the Mk12.  In a sense, it's a modified Mk10, but without any scales and an IO-Stop on the inside, borrowed from my Mk8/9 models.  The lack of scales accentuates the deceptively complex milling on the knife, allowing for only one screw, the pivot screw, to show on the non-locking side of the knife, and only four showing on the locking side, three of which are on the pocket clip.  The Mk11 also features a full thickness locking bar, which is massive, nearly .156 in thickness for exceptional rigidity.  Additionally, the Mk11 is available for the first time ever with a full Ti build, meaning there is an available option for billet titanium on the spacer and clip.  With these parts made of titanium, the entire knife feels like one solid piece of billet Ti, and looks like an integral framelock.  

As configured: This is the second prototype Mk11 and features a wharncliffe blade in CPM-20CV in a matte stonewash finish along with additional swedges for an aggressive look.  The frame is full orange peel in my Iridium color that changes between blue and purple depending on the light and angle.  The spacer is done in a contrasting silver orange peel finish.  

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